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They passed the test

The pandemic has only strengthened Sino-Russian relations. The outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, which turned into a pandemic, led to a crisis of socio-economic development in most countries of the world. The majority of respondents in Russia and China believe that the pandemic will not affect the future development of Sino-Russian relations. Photo: the […]

Science Stories

Five thousand years of silk thread

Unique Chinese art and related culture and history have ancient roots A new book from the Chinese literature publishing house “Chance” is being prepared for release – the book “Silk of the silk road”. It was created on the basis of materials from the silk exhibition held in China. Silk road (by Zhao Feng). Translated […]

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Green light vaccination

Against the backdrop of the “second wave” of the pandemic in Europe, the UK government has said it is ready to review its laws and allow emergency use of the coronavirus vaccine before it is fully licensed. The Chinese authorities are acting in the same way. It turns out that other countries have begun to […]

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Try to catch up

The race before the US presidential election has reached the finish line – there are exactly two months left before the vote on November 3, during which the most acute struggle usually unfolds. Guessing the winner of the American election is a popular game. Here, some people focus on the results of opinion polls, others-on […]