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New York Post called Kiev a Russian city

Journalists of the American edition of the New York Post in the material about the passenger who came out on the wing of the plane in Kiev, called the Ukrainian capital a Russian city.

The article is about a woman who flew on the Antalya — Kiev flight of Ukraine International airlines (UIA) on August 31. According to the airline, she was returning from vacation with her husband and children. After stopping the plane, the woman opened the emergency exit without permission and went to the wing of the airliner. Police and doctors tried to find out the reason for her act, but did not receive a response, the UIA said. As a result, the woman was blacklisted by the company.

The New York Post, with reference to the British tabloid The Sun, explains that the passenger went out on the wing of the plane to take a “refreshing walk”.

“This overheated woman couldn’t wait to get off the flight in Russia,” the newspaper writes.

The newspaper also used an outdated version of the English-language spelling of Kiev — Kiev, although in the summer of 2019, the United States, at the request of the Ukrainian authorities, renamed the city in the international base to Kyiv. This was done so that the pronunciation did not occur in harmony with the Russian language.